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We are here to help you with your affairs during the current Coronavirus crisis. You can find below our three latest articles which provide important information. You can also click on the link opposite for many more useful articles

Recent News

We’re calling on the government to introduce measures that provide further support to SMEs

The government believes it has done a good job supporting many businesses throughout the Covid-19 crisis, and for many this is indeed so, but we now need greater clarity to help SMEs survive the deluge of debt so many will face in early 2021. One of the biggest issues facing SMEs in 2021 is the

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Final version on our coronavirus support guide

We have pleasure in presenting our final version of our coronavirus guide. We have highlighted the new sections in red, these being sections 1, 5, 8, 9 and 14.

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Helpful Guide to the Summer Economic Statement – What’s New

The Chancellor has introduced a series of measures focused in some key areas that have been hard hit due to Covid-19.  In what the Chancellor referred to as ‘Phase 2’ of the Government’s response, Rishi Sunak announced a number of measures of support including: A Job Retention Bonus; A Kickstart Jobs Scheme; Trainee and Apprentice

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Our Services

Cloud Accounting

The Martlet Partnership offers Cloud Accounting as part of its Accounting Services.

With information held within the online ‘cloud’ space, both clients and our accountants have access to the information 24/7.

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Accounting Services

The value in a set of business accounts is not in the preparation but in their interpretation. At The Martlet Partnership, we guide you and work with you to help you acquire a thorough understanding of your financial position.

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Personal Tax

With the tax regime becoming more complex, everyone who is subject to taxation should seek professional advice and support to optimise their tax position and to ensure they meet the compliance requirements.

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Though business owners traditionally regard the annual audit and preparation of annual accounts as a necessary evil that adds no value to the business, we strive to transform it into a valuable asset.

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Many businesses realise that the way to really increase the value of the business is to spend as much time as possible doing what they are best at. This means not getting bogged down in functions which are often best left to specialist suppliers.

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Payroll & HR Services

Administering your payroll can be time consuming, diverting energy and resources from the core activities of your business. The task is made all the more difficult by the growing complexity of taxation and employment legislation and the accompanying regime of penalties for non-compliance.

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