The Martlet Partnership LLP gives you even more

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The Martlet Partnership LLP gives you even more

We are proud of our local roots and enjoy being part of the thriving Worthing community. Whilst many of our clients are local we also serve clients from further afield. Wherever they are based and whatever they need, our focus is always on providing excellent advice and support, underpinned by great service.

What you might not know, is that we, and our clients, benefit from being part of the UK200Group, a group of chartered accountancy and law firms from across the UK and around the world.

Being part of the UK200Group means we have additional support, services, and expertise to offer to clients. Not many other local firms can offer this depth and breadth.

To illustrate:

· We are part of an extensive worldwide network which means that our clients have the very ‘best of breed’ support no matter how complex or straightforward their needs.

· We adhere to very strict quality and assurance standards which means you can sleep easy knowing that all advice and services are meeting high standards, each and every time.

· We get even more training than your average firm, it’s part of the commitment we make when joining the UK200Group. Which means … we are bang up to date on latest legislation, trends and best practice. Over the past 2 years in particular, with so many changes due to the pandemic and Brexit, we know how much our clients have valued this.

If you are someone who we have helped in the past – thank you for your support. If you haven’t yet benefited from our help, please do get in touch, we’d love to see how we can help you.

Below is a leaflet that explains a few of the other ways in which our membership of the UK200group benefits all our clients. To read more about the UK200Group click here –

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