HMRC to automatically register companies for EORI numbers

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HMRC to automatically register companies for EORI numbers

It has been announced that VAT registered companies trading with other EU member states will automatically be enrolled for an EORI number to facilitate trade post Brexit.

We attach the link to the BBC News website giving details.

However, we believe that this information should be treated with caution. On the one hand, the article says that 240,000 businesses trade with the EU and that 72,000 companies have registered for EORI number and that this auto-enrolment would mean another 88,000 firms will be registered.

This means 160,000 of the 240,000 firms will be registered and the numbers in the article do not add up!

We also are sceptical that HMRC/ have the capacity to deal with this in the timeframe stated.

We think therefore that if you require an EORI number, it would still be preferable to apply for it particularly if you have heard nothing within the next two weeks.

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