Template letter for putting your staff on furlough

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Template letter for putting your staff on furlough

In order to put your member of staff on furlough, you are required to obtain their written consent and set out the terms and conditions of the furlough arrangement. We are attaching below a letter which you can adapt to your circumstances which will cover the majority of cases. However, if your staff earn more than £36,000, the exact wording may not be appropriate because the maximum recovery of £2,500 per employee also includes Employers NI and pension contributions.

If you want particular advice as to how to deal with employees on a salary above this level, who you intend to put on furlough then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that we accept no financial responsibility or otherwise can be accepted in respect of this letter. It is simply intended to be a guide for you to place staff on furlough correctly given the fact that the status has only been in existence for a week and other documentation is not yet available.

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