Save time with our new software upgrade

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Save time with our new software upgrade

We are delighted to say that we have now subscribed to Streamline Receipt Bank which comes with the following benefits:

  • Supplier Rules: set rules on all your clients recurring invoices so that any time an invoice is submitted to RB, it is automatically populated with the key fields like the Category, Tax, Due Date, Description, Project etc. 
  • Auto-Publish: all recurring invoices so they automatically feed into your accounting software. You should be able to auto-publish between 50-80% of your transactions which means that you can then manage your inbox by exception.
  • Payment Methods: set up payment methods to deal with credit, debit and petty cash scenarios.
  • AI Powered Submission Reminders: you track users submissions habits and if a client forgets to submit, you will send them a reminder via their app to submit. 
  • Unlimited bank statements pages. This will be great for those end of year accounts. 
  • Bank Match: this speeds up reconciling transactions as we do all the matching for you (see PDF attached).
  • Paperwork Match: matches a document to a previously paid and reconciled transaction to avoid duplicates (see PDF attached). 
  • Boost: you can boost transactions giving you a guaranteed turnaround time of under 15 minutes which is great if you’re working to a deadline. 
  • Line item extraction: manual and automatic on all electronic invoices i.e native PDFs. You will gain automatic access to this update once it goes live with Streamline.
  • Automatic access to any feature we release in the future that falls within Streamline
  • Dedicated implementation specialist: Harriet will train your staff on Streamline, ensure your processes and workflows are efficient, look at your on-boarding process and assist you in getting other clients using the software. 

Please contact any member of the team for details.

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