Furlough comes to the end

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Furlough comes to the end

The Furlough scheme, the popular name for the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will officially come to an end next week.

That is to say that the grant that covers a percentage of staff wages who have been unable to work due to the coronavirus crisis will no longer be available.

Government contributions already fell to 70% of staff salaries in July and the employer making up 10% of the 80% which needed to be paid to staff.

In August and September, those contributions fell further to 60% meaning that employers had to make up the further 20%.

For those businesses who still have staff who are unable to work, this will raise a number of questions in particular whether or not those staff who were receiving furlough payments and who still do not have full time employment, may need to seek advice on redundancy or variation of contract.

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